Etxcapital Employee Won a Big Prize With the Guns ‘N Roses Slot Machine

A lot of companies will close their working week with an office drink. This is something that happens quite often and is a very common activity for businesses. However, the activities that are happening while having these drinks can be very different, depending on the office that you are working at. Some companies will just turn up the music and let employees communicate with each other over drinks. Some companies, like for example

Pepperstone and Etxcapital, like to play games on Friday together with the entire office team. Every Friday this company organizes a slot machine evening, where employees can play an exciting slot machine game in order to win money prizes or even a big jackpot. A few months ago, this happened again, just like every other Fridays at Etxcapital. They had chosen the online slot machine game Guns ‘N Roses and little did they know, their luck was in their favor on this particular day.

An employee of Etxcapital pressed the spin button while playing the game and eventually ended up with a mega win, including more than 5000 euros! This was a really big surprise for everyone, since they all placed a bet of 25 cents per person. With this minimal bet, they multiplied their winnings drastically! The profit of this game had been divided over every employee that joined this amazing moment, but instead of saving this money on an account, they decided to spend it all on the same night. The team went to the city and ordered a lot of drinks in order to celebrate this victorious moment together. The Guns ‘N Roses slot machine is known for its jackpot and all kind of interesting features that can really increase your chance on winning. This is exactly why people love to play this game so much.

If you haven’t tried out this slot machine yet, you should really give it a chance. Not only can you experience the great Slash and Axl scatters, but you can also can explore the features such as the random multiplier and wild cross options. Even though the employees of Etxcapital seem to be really surprised about their big winnings, we at Guns and Roses Slot Machine are already aware of the positive effects of this great slot machine. It is no secret to us that this slot machine can provide you with exciting moments and a thrilling experience. Especially when you are a big fan of the band, this slot machine would be a great fit for you.

We would like to graduate the staff of Etxcapital with their impressive achievement. This news really made us excited, since we can use this extraordinary news in order to promote our favorite slot machine and our website at the same time. If you would like to know what you can do to win a great money prize with this slot machine? Read all of our informative articles about the Guns ‘N Roses slot machine and you will be fully prepared to hit the jackpot!