Guns N Roses

Just as the name suggests, Guns N Roses slot machine from NetEnt has got a theme that features one of the famous hard rock bands, Guns N Roses. This game consists of a number of symbols covering a storied and long history of this band just like MOTÖRHEAD. MOTÖRHEAD is also a slot in the NetEnt Rocks series, inspired by the legendary rock band MOTÖRHEAD. Guns N Roses slot machine is one of the most favorite slot machines that is loved by thousands if not millions of people who enjoy playing slot machine games.

This online slot machine has a style featuring a number of icons that are related to the band’s history in addition to music from the band itself. This slot game has subsequently been licensed by the group in addition to its many record labels thereby ensuring that gamers get to experience the best gaming around. This slot machine features three rows consisting of symbols within the band’s video slot and five reels that also come with their own symbols including wild symbols and few bonuses.

Guns N Roses slot machine also has a number of controls on the bottom side where players have the opportunity of adjusting the value of their bets in addition to a host of betting options to choose from. Of importance to note that the Guns N Roses slot machine consists of an auto feature that lets players keep on making spins however much they like until they choose to stop.

The above is not all about this slot machine. There are wild symbols that offer a number of free spins all over the place though players are assured of getting them at the furthest end parts of their screens. There are also a number of scatter symbols that can be found here that allow players free spins not forgetting the multiplier feature that guarantee players huge payouts in the event that lady luck smiles on them.

On grounds of looks, Guns N Roses is truly a nice slot machine game that attempts to bring back the feeling of rock music back to the fingertips of players. There are a host of character symbols in addition to a number of poker symbols not forgetting the wonderful and most unique sound effects. The animations are also nice too, with this slot machine featuring animations that move as smooth as possible to rocking hard.

For those who have had the chance of interacting with this machine, there are huge chances that they have felt the feeling of being amidst a Guns N Roses concert based on the backdrop and the symbols that are directly related to the band which are wonderfully crafted to ensure that gamers get to experience true gaming as they enjoy different slots.

In a nutshell, NetEnt did not spare any expenses at all or held any ideas at the back of their minds when it came to developing Guns N Roses slot machine. In the event that the game should be judged by its massive incentive to play in addition to the huge number of bonus features, players have no any other reason but a massive incentive to enjoy playing.